Richard La China

 Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Richard on The Podium

Richard La China  started   mountain bike racing as a junior.  He was a talented rider, and  as he entered his early twenties he  found himself in the expert  category.   Richard was having a great time racing but  at some point, like many of us, Richard decide to take some time off to focus on other things in life.   That time off turned into 13 years off the bike.  In 2008, Richard decided it was time to get back into cycling. His re-found passion and  started with a cross bike and lots of miles on and off the road. In 2010, he decided  it was time to give mountain bike racing another try and entered the Rim Nordic Series in the Clydesdale class.  He had a very competitive comeback and won the overall series in the Clydesdale class.  Although all of that training and racing, along with a 45 day  European cycling trip meant that Richard wasn’t in the clydesdale class for long.

30 lbs lighter and ready to truly step it up a notch, Richard decided to  hire a coach.   His search led him to Coach Eisner, who has helped him  focus his race tactics and pacing strategies as well as  develop  his top end speed. Richard soon  found himself regularly on the podium  and finished off his season with a win in the Rim Nordic stage race, as well as  the overall Rim Nordic series.   Richard and his coach  have worked hard to address his weaknesses and all of that hard work has paid off. If you are ready to work hard  and need a coach to help guide you, encourage you, and help you reach your goals, we  know that we can help you. You can read about Jesse  and the other Crank Cycling coaches  on our Coaching Page, or use the contact on the lower right of this page if you want to be contacted for more information.