3rd Annual Boulder Creek Instructions and GPS files

Here is a GPS  file for the course: http://ridewithgps.com/routes/6430837

You'll find a video on how to put GPS files on your garmin here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AO6z83sOBdw

Arrive at 8:30 or so in order to have time to sign waivers and have a brief preride meeting.  We will have KOM prizes provided by Spy Optic, Aqua Al Due, and Powerbar

    We’ll roll out  at 9 am with a neutral start out of  the Descanso Park and R de on  I-8 and the 79.  We’ll roll down the hill and into Descanso and after about 3.5 miles, the neutral vehicle will pull away and its time to unleash the hounds.  Soon after, the road turns to dirt and begins to go uphill.   About 10 miles into the ride there will be an aid station and  KOM Prize( PowerBar Product) for the first rider to crest the  hill,  and then you’ll have almost 5 miles of dirt road descent.   Use caution here or you’ll find yourself on the ground.   Your arms and legs will feel the fatigue as you control your bike down the dirt downhill.   Use extreme caution when crossing Boulder Creek around mile 15.  If there has been any rain recently, the crossing will be as slick as ice and the mossy surface will pull your bike out from underneath you like a magic carpet.      You are now 800 feet lower than   the original start point, and you’ve got to climb your way out.     Don’t start off too hard, as the next KOM point is still 6.5 miles and over 1200 feet of climbing away.    At times, you’ll struggle to keep  the power down as the grade exceeds 12% and your  rear wheel  spins out in the dirt.     The second  KOM prize ( Aqua Al 2 gift certificate)  is at the intersection of Boulder Creek and Engineers Road.

The road turns to pavement here and the front group will turn right towards the 3rd KOM9 (Spy Optic)  ~4 miles and 1000 feet  up  Engineers road.  Anyone that is 20 minutes behind the front group will go straight and skip the third KOM  to go directly  to Julian.   When we arrive in Julian we’ll take a LEFT at the main street and  and enjoy some well earned apple pie at Julian Pie Company     Before long we’ll all head out of town and back towards the start.  The ride is mostly downhill from here, but we still haven’t hit the high point at  Paso Picacho State Park, 500 feet above Julian .  The downhill after the Paso Picacho is dangerous.   Pay attention to the warning signs and go slower than you think you should.  I’ve seen several riders on the ground and  have pulled  one  up off the tarmac myself.        From here you’ll  the relaxing downhill all the way back to Descanso as your hard earned reward.


You should have a GPS file, and the course will also be marked,  It is pretty difficult to get lost out there, as once we hit builder creek there  really aren't any turns.  Several riders have done the course before, and know the route, and the sag vehicle will also direct you if you are unsure.

There will be aid stations and the first to KOM points stocked with PowerBar Product, as well as some roving support and a sag vehicle.   You should still plan to be self sufficient,  as it may take a while for the sag vehicle to catch you.   This means carry flat repair, water and food.

You can so this ride on a road bike with 23C tires and carbon wheels, a mountain bike, or anything in between.   I know because I've done it on all of these and had a great time doing it.    A gravel grinder type bike with ~28C tires or so is probably  the ideal bike for the ride, but you'll have fun on any bike you ride.

As far as gearing goes, if you are a stong climber, you'll be fine in a 53 X 25 ( even if it is hard, you'll make it up everything)   If you are not such a strong climber, then  compact chanring, OR at least a 28 in the back is a good idea.

The weather looks  ideal for the weekend,  it was near perfect when I rode it on Tuesday.  You probabaly won't need any layer, but if you do need them you can drop them off in a  (non- moving) support vehicle.   I'll brief you on this some more before the ride.

I'll see you all bright and early on Saturday!