Bike legs, Cyclocross, Rosarito Ensenada

  I haven't updated the bog in a while, but there have been plenty of successes.  Here is a sample of a few:

I finished my last tri of the season over the weekend.  I came out of the water 39th out of 140 in my AG (good for me) and then passed 32 guys in my division on the bike to finish 9th (I was re passed on the run by 2).  That’s my best finish there so far...... I had the 3rd fastest bike splits.  1st and 2nd place finishers beat me by seconds.....  Thanks for your help. - Karl

Rosarito-Ensenada was fantastic! ......his year I rode up ( El Tigre)  without much of a problem, no stopping, no hesitation. Felt very strong.......Anyway, thanks again Sean. Saturday was the first time that I rode into Ensenada with a huge smile on my face and not a grimace. - RR

 After winning a cat 4 cyclocross race:  When they announced the winners the announcer  mentioned that at 57 I  was 10 years older than the combined ages of the next two riders.  -RP