Boulder Creek Challenge Benefitting VeloYouth

Boulder Creek  Challenge  benefiting VeloYouth - November 16th 2013 Registration Here.

The Boulder Creek Challenge Benefitting VeloYouth is a 52 mile ride, but the distance can be deceptive.   The ride features over 5500 feet of climbing, including dirt climbs and descents.    We’ll begin at 9 am with a neutral start out of  the Descanso Park and ride on  I-8 and the 79.  We’ll roll down the hill and into Descanso and after about 3.5 miles, the neutral vehicle will pull away and its time to unleash the hounds.  Soon after, the road turns to dirt and begins to go uphill.   About 10 miles into the ride there will be a King of the Mountain Prize for the first ride to crest the  hill,  and then you’ll have almost 5 miles of dirt road descent.   Use caution here or you’ll find yourself on the ground.   Your arms and legs will feel the fatigue as you control your bike down the dirt downhill.   Use extreme caution when crossing Boulder Creek around mile 15.  If there has been any rain recently, the crossing will be as slick as ice and the mossy surface will pull your bike out from underneath you like a magic carpet.      You are now 800 feet lower than   the original start point, and you’ve got to climb your way out.     Don’t start off too hard, as the next KOM point is still 6.5 miles and over 1200 feet of climbing away.    At times, you’ll struggle to keep  the power down as the grade exceeds 12% and your  rear wheel  spins out in the dirt.     The KOM point is at the intersection of Boulder Creek and Engineers Road.  The road turns to pavement here and the pace will mellow as we head into the town of Julian.    When we arrive in Julian we’ll regroup at the Apple Valley Bakery on Main Street and enjoy some well earned apple pie.     Before long we’ll begin our neutral start out of town and back towards the start.  The ride mostly downhill from here, but we still haven’t hit the high point and final KOM  at Paso Picacho State Park, 500 feet above Julian( ~40) miles into the ride.   The downhill after the KOM is dangerous.   Pay attention to the warning signs and go slower than you think you should.  I’ve seen several riders on the ground here and  have pulled  one  up off the tarmac myself.         From here you’ll  the relaxing downhill all the way back to Descanso as your hard earned reward.384225_4864079602116_1405670320_n

So what is the best bike for this ride?   I’ve done it on my road bike as well as a cyclocross bike.  The road bike is great on the paved portions but can be tough on the steep uphills and is both slower and more difficult on the extended downhills.    A lightweight mountain bike may even be the best bike to use if you want to go after the first two KOM points, but you’ll pay for the added weight and rolling resistance when the dirt turns into pavement.    Whatever bike you choose you’ll be happy with it at some points, and frustrated at others.     No   matter what bike you ride, it will make for a fun and different ride, with an apple pie stop in the middle.  You’ll also be helping out a great cause. Registration Here.




The   entry fee is $25 and all proceeds go to San Diego VeloYouth.

Pre registration is required and closes the Wednesday before the ride.

T he roads are open to traffic and this is a “challenge” not a race.     Obey all traffic laws and do not make an ass out of yourself or you may get hurt or worse.... hurt someone else.

Do not fall off of your bike.  If you push it on the dirt downhill,  you will fall off of your bike, so use  the 80% rule on the downhills (dirt and paved!).  That means go 80% as fast as you think you should.

You must regroup  In Julian, roll out with the group, and finish at the Park and Ride in Descanso to claim any KOM prizes.  

Be self sufficient.   There will be some sag support, but don’t depend on it.    Carry tubes, air,  food, drink, and money.

Everyone must sign a waiver before the start69697_4864042201181_397887428_n_001



Additional stuff

Bars, gels, and  more provided by PowerBar.

There will be a sag vehicle at the first  two KOM  points, and coach  Burke will be a sweeper  for  ride carrying tools, a  tire boot, and some tubes.

Anyone who does not eat Pie in Julian is ineligible for KOM prizes and has to start 2 minutes behind the group when we roll out of  town.

You buy your own pie, I’m already giving you PowerBars.powerbarteamelite

The dirt road can be tough on your hands, don’t forget the gloves.

I am serious about the downhills, dirt ones and the paved one after the final KOM will F*%&  you up if you push it too hard.  Don’t ruin your day or anyone else’s.   We don’t want to peel you up off the ground.

The course isn’t marked, familiarize yourself with the map, download the GPS file below, or stick with someone who knows where they are going.   If you don’t know where to go, you can always wait for the sweeper.  No one will be left behind.

Update 10/22   Spy Optic has donated a set of glasses for  one of the KOM prizes  SpyLogo

GPX file for The Boulder Creek Challenge

Map of  of the Boulder Creek Challenge

Registration Here.

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