Crank Coached Athletes Win Again

Just got off the phone with one of the Crank Cycling Coached athletes, Justin Farrar. He just won his first crit of the year. He has spent a good part of the winter doing tempo efforts and sprints. He is diligent at following his workouts and is a really good listener. He sat in for the 1st half of the race and watched the other riders tire themselves out. Right at the half way point the only move that could stick got away. Justin made sure to bridge across to the move up the road without bringing the field with him. The move was caught a few laps later so Justin sat in and waited for the finish. With 2 laps to go he move to the front of the field and with half a lap to go he turned on the juice and easily took the win. There are quite a few more wins in his future. I will keep you updated on his progress.

Coach Jesse