Crank Cycling Athlete Podiums Again

Crank Cycling’s Justin Farrar got on the podium Again this past weekend. After a short drive from Maryland up to New York Justin entered and competed in the Prospect Park Circuit race.

The Race was a 7 lap 3 mile circuit with one big ring climb right before the Finish.

Justin sat in the top 3rd of the field right in the sweet spot not doing any efforts till 1 lap to go. With about half a mile to the finish one rider attacked before the big ring climb. About 12 riders from the field (including Justin) followed the rider who attacked off the front.  At the base of big ring climb the initial attacking rider went again. Justin was boxed in against the curb in the group of 12. Justin slowed down to go around the 12 man group and then accelerated away from them to the finish taking 2nd place.

On the phone Justin said: “If I had 20 more meters I could have caught him and taken 1st"

Great Job Justin!

Justin Sprinting to 2nd Place on the far left of the picture

Justin in Early October of last year. Right before Snow Storm 2009/2010

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