Crank Cycling Supports Velo Youth

Crank Cycling is proud to announce our support of VeloYouth.  VeloYouth is an incredible program that uses cycling to empower and improve the lives of  at risk youth.   VeloYouth  works with kids from area middle schools, including  the Monarch School for students impacted by homelessness.    Cycling is  a fundamental part of their program, but it isn't   the  whole program.   For VeloYouth, cycling serves as a foundation upon which the kids learn about Self Respect, Teamwork, Achievement  and Responsibility.     As cyclists we   all know the many  positives  that cycling has on our lives, and the  people at VeloYouth want to share that with these kids.   Many of the  kids in the program don't have much to be positive about.   But  Velo Youth is a positive force in the lives of these young people.          The VeloYouth  program teaches kids that people care about them, it teaches  kids to care about themselves, and   it teaches them to care about each other. Our goal is to raise  a minimum of $5000 dollars for VeloYouth  by the end of 2013.    $5000 is enough to  do a an entire 6  week session with a group of 20  kids from these at risk schools.    Our ultimate goal would be to raise a total of $20,000  by the end of 2013.  This is enough to   put  80 at risk  kids through the  program, including a each child earning their own bike.     We'll have to raise this money a little bit at a time, and we'll be asking  our  friends and customers to help  us.          They way we will ask you to help us is this: We'll be doing several  free classes, clinics and supported rides in the coming months,  and  at each one of these events, we'll  collecting donations for VeloYouth.    We'll also arrange some winter trainer sessions at some local bike shops, with all proceeds going to VeloYouth.      So look for emails, tweets, blogposts and Facebook posts in the near future to see how  you can have fun on your bike and help out a great local charity.


PS:  If you have any ideas on how to raise money for VeloYouth,  then shoot me a line.  I'm all ears!