Cue Sheets and GPS files for December 30th Hard Ride benefiting VeloYouth Routes

Ride Postponed.  Follow link  for more information.


Remember that you alone are responsible for your safety, so use your judgement and do not blindly follow others .   We will provide  some support,  and aid stations approximately miles 30 and 60, but you should always be self sufficient.   All distances are approximate.


December 30 hard ride long GPS Updated 12.28.12  

December30-hard-ride-long Cue Sheet Updated 12.28.12

December 30th Hard Ride   Short  Route GPS

December30 hard ride short Cue Sheet



The short ride  riders  will get support to the turnaround at mile 30, and then will be on their own for the way back.   Coach Trina will be a sweeper for that ride.    Riders not reaching the  turn around  point/aid station at ~ mile 30 will be  required to turn around and do the short route.   Riders not reaching the bottom of East Grade  by  1:00 PM will be required to go straight on the 76, skirting Palomar mountain rather than going up  it.   This cuts off about 6 or 7 miles   as well as 2K feet of climbing  and rejoins the  long course at the bottom of  south grade.   These cutoffs ensure that everyone finishes before dark.

We suggest you  print out the word documented cue sheets provided above  and take them with you.   They are  better and more succinct than the cue sheets provided by  The  short ride GPS, file adds a few extra miles after the finish at Kit Carson Park.   Just ignore that and finish up at Kit Carson.

How to put these files on your Garmin 800 or Garmin 500  We suggest you use the TCX file.  I've also made a video on how to do this: