Does the language used by supplement companies encourge doping?

I recently got an email from an "endurance supplement" company.  The email was full of pro-athlete testimonials.  Both the language in the testimonials  and the language in other parts of the email reminded me of the language used for drugs. They kept using the word  "on".  " Shortly after going on XYZ supplement... I won XYZ race"    " When going on one  XYZ company's supplements,  you are guaranteed...."

I've received other emails from this company, and they always use the same "on"  language.     Regardless of whether the stuff  improves performance (and I'm skeptial of that), the language is similar  to what is used when talking about drugs.  My grandmother is " on"  anti-inflammatories and pain meds for her arthritis.  My uncle is "on" beta blockers for his high blood pressure.    Riccardo Rico was " on" CERA.

I think this habituates  athletes to being "on" something, and it can be a slippery slope.

My guess is that it is a marketing thing that they use, because if it sounds  kind of like you are using a  drug, than it must work like a drug, only this "drug" isn't  banned.  ( never mind the fact that if their products had the drastic effects they claim, they  would be banned from sport anyway)

The whole email kind of reminds me of  one of my favorite SNL clips.  The All Drug Olympics.

For a copy of that supplement email I received today, go HERE.

What do you think?