Don't forget to have fun!

Race season is fast approaching, here in SoCal.  Riders are getting serious, and so are the rides.   Riders are out there doing intervals, staying focused, and looking forward to race day.  There is one important thing to remember through all this, and that is to have fun.    The video below is of Thor Hushovd and Mark Cavendish sprinting for the   "King of the Mountain" line on top of Mt Ventoux.    Both men are obviously way of the back of the leaders in a groupetto, and  the  big smiles on their faces let you know that these guys are having fun.     Here you have two fierce competitors and professional cyclists on the secons to last day of a 3 week grand tour, and they are still enjoying themselves.    Enjoying themselves  is something that even amateur cyclists some times forget.     We do this sport to push ourselves, to stay fit, to be competitive, and to have fun.       Next time you finish that city limit sprint, the grueling climb, or that industrial park criterium, think of the grins on the faces of these 2 pro racers, and remember to have fun.