Donuts in the Breakroom

Donuts in the Breakroom, by Trina Jacobson 800px-Donuts

I’ve cracked on most things cycling. I’m pedalling squares, I don’t have any motivation to figure out the logistics of getting all of my training time in, and I am tired. I have not abandoned my bike, but I am riding less and I haven’t yet begun off-season strength training, which means I’m thinking a lot about calories. Today, my goal to not gain any weight in the off season was tested all day long by 2 dozen donuts sitting in the breakroom when I arrived to work.


8:42 AM – Who keeps bringing this crap in?!

9:01 AM – It’s funny how people cut pieces off. They’ll be back for more pieces; add them all up and they will have eaten an entire donut, if not more. They might as well sit down and enjoy the donut.

9:25 AM – I can’t stop thinking about them.

9:27 AM – The office smells like donuts.

9:51 AM – I wonder if research was done on what color box should be used. Is pink supposed to entice me more than, say, green?

10:04 AM – Did Conrad ever do his Tour de Donuts?

10:32 AM – Yeah…I’m going to eat a donut and enjoy it. A lot. Check this lemon jelly-filled one out!

10:33 AM – Yumminess in my belly.

10:45 AM – I don’t think my donut ride is the same as The Donut Ride. If you are ever in the Cardiff area of San Diego, visit VG Bakery for the best chocolate old fashioned around, I defer to Seth Davidson regarding The Donut Ride in Redondo Beach, and to UCSD Cycling for the Tour de Donuts.

11:22 AM – That donut is why my inner thigh rubs my seat post. I need to ride or run a little extra to burn that off. (I look up nutritional information on lemon jelly-filled donuts) Whoa! If I only look at calories, it’s not as bad as my usual energy bar. I should re-think my bars…

12:45 PM – OK, I made it through a healthy lunch without even looking at the donuts. Wait, now I’m thinking about them again.

1:39 PM – I’m so sleepy…sugar craaaassshhh…

1:53 PM – I need a taste…just a little taste. (The smell makes me kind of sick so I walk away)

1:59 PM – As I walk by the break room window, I can see there is half of a pink frosting and sprinkles donut left.  It looks sad all alone.

2:25 PM – I eat an apple while resentfully looking at the remaining quarter of the pink frosting and sprinkles donut.

3:30 PM – It’s GONE! How could my co-workers do that to me! Didn’t they know I was dabbing the drool off my face all afternoon?! I guess I have to eat my bar and think about my missteps towards being the Lantern Rouge of Office Donuts.

I know the best defense to such temptations is a good offence: bring a lot of your own good foods with you to work. So, tonight I made a batch of Oat and Cottage Cheese Pancakes from a recipe I found in a magazine a few years ago. I created a lazy version that doesn’t require the use of a blender or food processor. Washing the blender is my least favorite chore.


Oat and Cottage Cheese Pancakes

1 cup quick oats ½ cup low-fat cottage cheese, preferrably small curd 1 large egg


Using a fork, mix ingredients. Divide into 4 pancakes. Cook over medium heat until golden brown about 3 minutes each side.


2 of these pancakes is plenty for breakfast, especially with hearty toppings. My favorite topping is Greek yogurt and fresh fruit. My son gobbles these Special Pancakes up. I have made them with instant flavored oatmeal and they were super yummy, but higher in sugar. Stiring fruit into the batter didn’t work well as they fell apart because of the consistency. These are even good cold, which is convenient when you don’t have a lot of time to snack at work.