FDA Tainted Supplements List

Recently, Crank Cycling Coach Chris Daggs sent me a list of   supplements that were tainted and recalled by the FDA. . You can find the list here.     The list is an excellent reminder that there are tainted supplements out there, and that   an athlete is responsible for anything that winds up in his body.   If a substance that is on the WADA banned list winds up in your body, you will get a suspension.    It doesn't matter if  it was an accident or not.   Some of these  supplements may even be purposefully tainted in  in order to increase their efficacy.    Most of the supplements on this list are bodybuilding supplements, and are unlikely to be taken by cyclists, but the other common classifications  are basically penis pills and weigh loss supplements.  I know many cyclists that might be tempted to try at least one of those.....  And cyclists have been banned for  unintentionally ingesting a banned substance in a tainted supplement.  In 2002, professional rider Scott Moninger received a one year  suspension when he  tested positive for a metabolite of anabolic steroids.   Moninger  had unopened containers of  the amino acid that he  purchased  at a local health food store.  He took  those unopened packages and had them tested  at an independent lab, where they found the same anabolic substance that was in Moningers sample,  giving pretty strong evidence  that Moninger did not knowingly take the substance.     Moningers 1 year suspension was considered a slap on the the wrist because he unknowingly  ingested the substance.  If he hadn't proven that  it was taken on accident, he likely would have received a much longer ban.    More recently in the Fall of 2011,  an amateur racer in Florida received an 8 month ban for a banned substance  that was apparently   in an over the counter mass marketed energy drink he bought a local  drug store. Tomorrow..... how often are supplements tainted?