Free Class Thiss Weekend!

There will be an 8:30 am, 9:45 am and 11 am cycling class on the brand new Saris 300PT bikes.  We are the only facility in San Diego to use these state of the art indoor bikes, the Saris PT300. Saris is a company that makes high-end cycling products for serious cyclists. Equipment does make a difference and your workout experience will be greatly enhanced by these top of the line bikes. The PT300 is equipped with a Cyclops Power Tap, so you can measure your workout in real time, including watts and heart rate, as well as get an accurate measure of calories burned. You can even download your entire workout to a USB memory stick and review it on your computer, so you can see your fitness level improve. The classes will be led by USA Cycling and USA Triathlon certified coach and competitive master’s multisport athlete Karl Coleman.  Karl is currently racing for Team Bear Naked and will be setting up our café with lots of FREE Bear Naked granola and breakfast products to fuel you up before and after your class.  There will also be free coffee on hand from Coffees of Hawaii and energy drinks from FRS.

Nicholas Linn will also be on hand for free consultations and demonstrations of Muscle Activation Technique (M.A.T.) which will get you tuned up and ready for your workout.

So, you cyclists, tri folks, and spinning folks... come on out just go to and look for it on the schedule