Grant Sample & Jeremy Floyd

Anyone who follows this blog has seen and heard about Grant. The road season is just starting andgrant has started it out right. He scored a podium spot by getting second place in the Red Trolley Classic on February 5th, and then used his TT skills to score a 10th place in the GC at Valley of the sun Stage Race. Guys don't go out there to Valley of the Sun unless they are fit, so 10th place is a great result.

In a blastt from my personal past I've been dealing with an old friend and roomate of mine Jeremy Floyd. ( we just call him Floyd) Floyd is mostly deaf, and so when I saw that the deaf cycling world championships were being held in California I told him he ought to go for it. He has a prett good chance of making the US MTB team, and is meeting with the team coach and current team riders soon. Floyd sent me an email and said " You got me into to this, now I need you to help me out", so I am working with onhis preparation to make the team and hopefuly represent his country. On a side note, I told another old friend that what Floyd is doing an he said "...I've raced with Floyd, and he sure isn;t disabled when it comes to pedaling a bike." Rock on Floyd.

Race season is starting to heat up, stay tuned for more updates.