Hard Ride Benefiting VeloYouth Postponed

The  Hard Ride benefiting VeloYouth is postponed with a likely date of 1/27/13 The primary reason for the postponement is the weather report.   There is a 30% chance of rain  in the  backcountry area with a predicted high  in the 50s    in Ramona  meaning it will  likely be in the 40s  in Black Canyon.   The predicted high  on top of Palomar is 35, meaning it will be below freezing for the majority of the day.     I was on top of Palomar in  sub 40 degree temperatures  just yesterday   and rain  or snow  would have made the ride go from  cold and uncomfortable, to downright dangerous.       Weather conditions in the mountains can  change rapidly, and  it can go from nice to hazardous  in a matter of minutes.

All of this means a 100% chance of a freezing cold epic ride, and that's fine by me.   But it  also means a 30% chance of  muddy dirt roads, snow, potential hypothermia as well as  somebody hitting an icy  patch and eating pavement.    We  have   at least 2 planned follow vehicles   but  they are not buses  and we can't pile people into them.  There is no place to hide, and no easy way back once you get out there  on this route.   It is tough enough to sag a ride  like this under the best of circumstances     I cannot, with a clear conscience,    try to support  40 people on this ride, nor ask my volunteer support crew to do so  under these circumstances.

If a group of you  decide  to do the ride on your own, using my  maps, then that's fine.   But it is clear that you are doing it of your own volition  and I take no responsibility.


To those of you that   made donations,  I believe the best course of action  is to simply  give you a credit towards  our next  benefit ride.  Keep in  mind that 100% of the donations goes to VeloYouth.  CrankCycling even eats the credit card processing fees.      If  you   insist upon a refund of your donation,  you may request one via email, and I'll process it for you.