Hard Ride Benefiting VeloYouth- December edition

As cyclists, we understand the rewards of exercise, dedication, and teamwork.    Here is your chance to  do a great ride, and to help  "at risk" kids learn about cycling, as well as  self respect, teamwork, and more.  You can make a difference in the lives of these kids.  Just donate a few bucks, and join us on the ride.  

Ride details

Cost:  The ride is free, but  pre-registration is required, and donations for VeloYouth are being collected.     Register here

Date: Sunday, December 30th.  Meet at 8:30   Roll out at 9 AM sharp

Starting/ending point: Kit Carson Park, Escondido

Route:   The long route will  be close to 90 miles and around 8000 feet of climbing.    We will head out to Ramona,  through Mesa Grande,   and back through Valley Center.   It will be a challenging route that  includes a dirt section.    The routes and cue sheets can be found here.      Remember that you need to be self sufficient at all times, and you should also carry a cue sheet, and consult it  when you don't know where to turn.

There will also be a shorter route  of about half the distance, and half the amount of climbing.

Other stuff:   We will have at least one support vehicle, maybe two.  We will have Powerbar nutrition products, water, as well as tubes and floor pump ( maybe even some  spare wheels)  in the support vehicles  You are still expected to be self sufficient, and know your way back ( cue sheets  will be posted here).  Helmets are required and everyone must sign a liability waiver.      We will be riding on open roads and this is not a competition, so  you are expected to follow all traffic rules.    This is just a bunch of riders getting together, having a great ride, and collecting money for a great cause.   While donations aren't required, most of you are riding bikes that cost more than  a good used car.  If you show up to the ride and haven't ponied up at least a few bucks, you may be the subject of ridicule.   You can always choose $0 when you pre-register, and donate cash on site.

Register here

About VeloYouth:

VeloYouth  was created in 2006   as a  program that uses cycling to empower and improve the lives of at risk youth. VeloYouth works with kids from area middle schools, including the Monarch School for students impacted by homelessness. Cycling is a fundamental part of their program, but it isn’t the whole program. For VeloYouth, cycling serves as a foundation upon which the kids learn about Self Respect, Teamwork, Achievement and Responsibility.   Many of the kids in the program don’t have much to be positive about.  But Velo Youth is a positive force in the lives of these kids.   Head Coach Dave Grylls is a former Olympian who sees potential in these  young people, and he sees the potential  for cycling to help these  kids grow to be responsible, respectful, and hard working adults.   Donate a few bucks if you can, come on out to our ride, and help  these kids.   Crank Cycling friends and family helped raise almost $900 in November.   Can we beat that in December, a month  for giving?   With your help, we can.

Pictures from the November 3rd  2012 Hard Ride and  VeloYouth at Work: