Holiday gift ideas for every cyclist

What do you buy for the rider that has everything?  Here are a few ideas:  

The Sport Kilt.

Dropping  your pants in the parking lot to change into your kit  just isn't a very nice thing to to you your neighbors.   You can wrap a towel around your waist, but  Its comfy, it works better than a towel, and it makes the  car ride home oh so breezy!

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 Pro Cycling on $10 a day.

Phil Gaimon tells so humorous  stories about his fast ascent into the pro peloton.  He'll make you chuckle,  and he'll  make you realize that you probably didn't want to be a pro bike racer anyway.

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Pro Cycling on $10 a Day by Phil Gaimon


A Pebble Smart Watch

Pebble smart watches start at just $69.99, but my recommendation is to go for the $149 Pebble Time  What I find most useful about the Pebble is that when you get an incoming text, you can just glance at your wrist to read the message.   If the message is important, you can answer it.  If not, you worry about  it later.   Click on the pic to read a view on or go straight to to buy one.



Thule Paramout DayPack

I love my Thule backpack.  I use it as a carry on/laptop bag when I fly, I use it when I ride my bike to go get groceries or beer, and I stuff it with close and shoes when I drive to the start of a mountainbike ride.     The rolltop protects the contents from rain and helps you fold the bag down to a smaller size when it isn't full.    The padded laptop sleeve cradles  my mac and protects it from  shock.  The whole thing is sturdily built and looks great. Buy it on the Thule Websitethule



Lezyne Road Drive Pump

Real bike riders do epics rides.   Real bike riders might need more than just a few CO2s to get them home.   The Lezyne Road Drive mini pump is a must have accessory for  riders that love  REALLY get out on the open roads, where there is no cell service and no bike shop for 30 miles.    Just carry this  pump, and extra tire, and a patch kit.  It is way better than walking.  You can use the water bottle cage mount that comes with  it,  or you can just stick it in your pocket.   The detachable hose fits inside the pump when not in use, and is easy on the valve stems.   Get it at your local bike shop or many online retailers.

lezyne 2