How to set or beat a personal record on the Roarito-Ensenada fun ride

Have you just gotten into cycling? Are you preparing for your first organized 50 mile fun ride? Maybe you want to beat or set a new Personal Record on the Rosarita Ensenada Fun Ride. Here it comes; the local 50 mile fun ride. Maybe its your first time or maybe you've done it before. But this year you are serious. You want to do the ride in two and a half hours or less. With some focused work and using the same techniques as elite riders, you can meet your goal.

The idea is to train your body to do the workload that it is going to take to complete your ride. What you need to do in training is to ride multiple efforts at or above your Rosarito- Ensenada pace. You will also include rest periods during those efforts. Each one of these efforts is called an “ interval” . When you hear cyclists and runners talk about doing interval workouts, they just mean going hard and then recovering. There are many different types of interval workouts, but they are all just different variations of hard work and recovery.

One type of interval you may hear about is a “tempo” interval. A tempo interval is hard enough so that you aren’t just cruising around easily, but you also aren’t going hard enough to cause difficult or labored breathing. I like to describe tempo as “ on the gas, but not really going that hard” It isn’t hard to hold for a few minutes, but try holding it for an hour and you’ll feel it! An example of tempo workout would be riding for 90 minutes total, but during the ride doing three 15 minute tempo efforts at 20 mph with 10 minute rest pedaling at 10 mph or so between each effort. The first week you will do this work out twice, with some rest days in between. Rest days can mean one of two things depending on the time you have to train. Either you will take the day completely of the bike or you will go ride for 30-60 minutes easy to loosen up your legs.

If you are specifically training for Rosarito-Ensenada You'll also want to throw in a day with climbing to mimic the El Tigre climb that starts at mile 18. The El Tigre climb is a mesa that towers 800 feet above the valley floor. The climb is two miles long and a 7.5% grade. This workout would be a one hour ride with two miles of hard climbing. If you live in San Diego the Torrey Pines climb on the hwy 101 is a great climb to do these efforts on. Any hill that takes you between 6-12 minutes to climb is going to be just fine. When you hit the hill you are going to want to go up it at the fastest speed you can without running out of steam before the top. This is going to mean holding back just a little bit at the start. Ideally, you’ll do “ hill repeats” or multiple climbs up this hill as part of your training. Typically 3 or 4 times is good. You should time yourself up each time, and compare your times to the next workout.

Finally, as part of your weekly training plan, you will want to have a three+ hour ride on the same day and around the same time as your event. This is going to teach your body that you will be doing work on that day and time of the week. If this sounds like too much for you, you’ll have to start out at 2 hours and then build up to 3 over the next few weeks. If you are unable to fit both the hill climbing ride and the long ride into your schedule, then you can make the hill climbing ride your long ride. We are also going to want to add to your tempo intervals each week. Every week you will add five minutes to each 15 minute tempo interval in both your tempo workouts. In your fourth week comes the big finally of your training plan; a two and a half hour ride at your tempo pace which is 20mph.

So each week should look something like this: Monday: Rest day Tuesday: Tempo Intervals Wed: short and easy or day off Thursday: Tempo Intervals Friday: short and easy or day off Saturday: Hill climbs or Long ride with hill Climbs Sunday: Long ride

Week I Week II Week III Tempo ride Tempo ride Tempo ride 15 minute spin to warmup 15 minute spin to warmup 15 minute spin to warmup 15 min tempo at 18-21 mph 20 min tempo at 19-21 mph 25 min tempo at 20-22 mph 10 minute rest at 10 mph easy 10 minute rest at 10 mph easy 10 minute rest at 10 mph easy Repeat Tempo interval 2 X Repeat Tempo interval 2 X Repeat Tempo interval 2 X

Week IV Tempo ride 15 minute spin to warmup 30 min tempo at 19-22 mph 10 minute rest at 10 mph easy Repeat Tempo interval 2 X

Climbing ride 15 minute spin to warmup 6-12 minutes of climbing 2-4 recover on downhill 6-16 minutes of climbing 2-4 recover on downhill 15 minute spin to warm-down Repeat up to twice more if you can.

Do you need help preparing for you first 50 mile ride contact us we would like to help you get ready.

See you on the road,

Coach Eisner