Indoor cycling vs Spinning

When I started telling people  I was going to open  indoor cycling studio in  downtown San Diego,  lots of them said " Like Spinning?"  I said, "Yeah, Kinda like Spinning, only better" For starters, "Spinning" is a registered trademark.   Think of it like "Kleenex", or" Bandaid."    Most people I know don't ask for a "facial tissue" or an "adhesive first aid  bandage"    But the fact is that those are registered trademarks, so someone  who makes adhesive bandages or facial tissues cannot call them Kleenex  or matter what the rest of  us call them.  So, I can't call my facility a " Spin" studio, or  say that we do "Spinning" ...but that's fine by me.  What we do is better.   The Saris PT 300 power tap equipped bike is far superior to those  "Spinner" bkes.  And all of my  instructorscoaches  are real road riders, that help you get a workout that mimics  real ride and  gives you a great workout.    If you want more info on  spin, spinning, or spinner bikes, all ya have to do is do a google ( also a trademark!) search  for those terms... and maybe Madd Dog Athletics....'cause that's who owns the trademarks.