Julia Lafranchise still doing well

Julia is doing really well racing in both collegiate and USCF races. She has managed to get results in road races, tiume trials, and criteriums. To top it off she is the omnium leader for the western collegiate cycling comference.

Julia will be heading to Collegiate National Championships next month!

1. Boulevard-6th place
2. Red Trolley-1st place
3. SLO Crit-2nd place
4. UCLA RR-3rd place
5. UCSC RR-3rd place
6. UCSC HCTT-4th place
7. SDSR HCTT-10th place
8. SDSR Crit-7th place
9. SDSR GC-8th place
10. Berkeley RR-3rd place
11. Berkeley Crit-2nd place (but first when you add in prime points)*