Master's National Track Championships

Master's national championships went well this year. I only had 2 riders there this year, and didn't race myself because I had ANOTHER knee surgery on August 14th. My riders that did go to nats had some great rides. Joseph Lacour won a silver medal in the match sprints as well as a Bronze medal in the team sprint. I was very proud of Joe for winning the silver, but also a little disappointed that he didn't get the gold. The guy that beat him(Mike Beers) is a very experienced racer and was an elite national champ just a few years ago, so at least he lost to a high quality rider.

My other rider was Mike Mccue. This was Mike's first year to go to masters nats, and he set a personal record in both the 2K pursuit and the 500m. Mike also did the points race, but some dillhole FORGOT TO GLUE HIS TUBULAR, rolled a tire, and took out about half a dozen racers (incl Mike)only 2 laps into the race. Mike got back in the race, but just wasn't himself once he got back in.
The whole weeklong event was great, and I am already fired up for next year. I look forward to racing myself, as well as taking a few more riders out there with me.