My knee surgery

I don't usually write about myself, but I've got some interesting stuff here. I've been off the bike for several months due to what I originally thought was an overuse injury. I finally had an MRI, and the MRI indicated that I had a torn meniscus. The only way to resolve the issue was surgery, so on valentine's day I had arthroscopic surgery to repair the meniscus.
The meniscus is essentially a shock absorber in the knee joint, you an see a drawing one it here.
The surgery went well. I an actually put weight on it just hours after the surgery, and I am starting PT in just a day or two. Any way, the cool part is this. I have some before and after photos of the knee, along with a video of the arthroscope.

Before photo. Se that flap of stuff hanging there? That isn't supposed to look like that!

After photo.....much better!