Coach the Coach: Overextended

I'm going to do a weekly column called Coach the Coach. Coach the Coach is going to be about those valuable lessons we as coaches learn along the way; lessons that we pass on to our athletes, but sometimes we need to relearn ourselves! This weeks Coach the Coach: Overextended

Sometimes it seems like we are doing everything right, but those fitness gains aren't coming or the results seem to elude us. If we're doing everything right, whats going on? 

And the answer to our question is right there in the question: everything. Instead of focusing on a few key things we are probably trying to dial everything in just right: am I riding enough, do I have the right intervals scheduled, am I eating the right food in the correct amount, do I have the right orthotics in my shoes, do I have have the right shoes, is my position okay, do I need lighter wheels... and the list goes on. Combine this with trying to juggle a life outside of cycling which probably includes a significant other, a fulltime job, and maybe children and we are overextended. Inevitably something has to give and lets hope its not something important.

Luckily the solution is simple: do less. I'm not advocating shirking responsibilities or skippping workouts, but be realistic about what you can accomplish in the time you have. Schedule your week out ahead of time and see what can be done. Prioritize tasks so the most important things come first. And most important, don't cut corners on the important items - if you've got an important family event or training ride schedule enough time for this event. You'll find that you are successfully accomplishing all the big things and some of the small stuff really wasn't all that important.