Ramona Community Planning Group wants to restrict bike use on 78, old Julian Highway and Highland Valley

The Ramona Community Plannning group has a meeting tomorrow, Thursday December 2nd. One of the agenda items for their meeting is "...consideration of  requesting help to restrict the use of bicycle on Highway 78....Highland Valley.....Old Julian Highway" Fortunately, this group is an advisory board only.   They essentially have no power other than to advise/ask the county to do things.  However, this could be the first step to  a bicycle ban on 78.

If you know anyone that lives in Ramona, please ask them to contact advisory board members or  attend   the meeting so that they can express their displeasure. If you personally know anyone  that is on the advisory board, please contact them and tell them that these restrictions are a bad idea.   A quick Google search did not readily provide the names of current planning group members, or  we would have posted them here.

Link to the meeting agenda here: Ramona Community Planning Grp and bicycle restrictions

UPDATE:   It appears that this item was on the prelim agenda, but not the FINAL AGENDA.  Still, we should keep an eye  on these folks.  This sort of thing is a very real threat to bicyclists.   Read about the town of  Black Hawk in Colorado: