Rich Pearson Wins State Champ Citerium

Rich Pearson is my newest featured athlete, and theere is more about him a couple of entries down. I've been coaching Rich since about February of this year. Rich has had a great season with many podium places, but had still not gotten that elusive win. The most frustrating parrt was that it was the same guy beating him almost every time. Rich hit the Masters State Championship races with top form, but it was still going to be tough to beat the guy that been getting him almost every time(not to mention beating all the other masters riders vying for the state champinship). So a few days before the race Rich and I had a conversation about how he could finally beat not only the rest of the feild, but also his "arch nemesis", the Penguin to Rich's Batman.... ;-)

Saturday afternoon, I was excited to get this email:

Date: Sat, 09 Sep 2006 18:07:19 -0500
From: "Rich XXXX"
To: "Sean Burke"
Subject: race results

Sean--I finally beat XXXXXX and won the state
championship for
nebraska masters 55+!! Heres the race report.....

Rich has been working hard all since the later winter/early, and I was honored to help him win his biggest race of the year. Hopefully I'll get a photo of Rich in a State Champ jersey to post some time soon.