Some thoughts on bike fit:

I had a customer call and ask me a few questions about bike fit the other day.   Specifically he asked: " So the software tells you where you need to be.  Right?"        I think this is a common misconception people have about   many  of the  high tech bike fitting systems.  

The fact is that no  measurement device can tell you exactly how a rider should be positioned on a bike.     Some systems help measure the rider, and some of them do this  dynamically and with a high degree of precision.   The fitter can then examine the measurements  and compare them to commonly accepted ranges for joint angles, etc.   The rest of the job is then up both the fitter and the athlete.    The fitters uses experience and training, as well as the feedback of the rider to help put that rider in an  optimal position.     The fancy measuring system and  a list of the  measurement ranges  are not enough.   In fact some riders may fall outside of the accepted ranges and still be fit properly ion the bike.    If a position helps a rider be comfortable, strong, and injury free, then that  could  be the best position for  that rider, no matter what some chart or a piece of software says.    Without proper input from the rider and a good, knowledgeable fitter, all of the information from  the fancy systems is useless.      Do you need a fit?  Just reach out  to us and we can set you up with an appointment.