More Spin Classe vs Indoor Cycling Classes

I went to a spin class at a San Diego gym the other day... I guess you could call it my market research. I realize that I may be a little biased, but all it did was remind me how much better my studio actually is :-) For starters.... it was friggen hot in there! The instructor actually turned the fans OFF when she came in. I thought to myself: "Why would anyone do that?" I asked a few people, and from what I hear, the instructor likes to keep it hot so that "people sweat and feel like they are working harder" I have to say that is one of the most ridiculous things I've ever heard. At Crank Cycling Studio, we get the AC pumping and have all 6 fans going at full blast. That way you are less likely to overheat and can ACTUALLY work harder, not just feel like you are working hard. Not that you won't work up a sweat.... you will. But in fact you'll be able to work HARDER, get a better workout and burn more calories

Second... our equipment is sooooo much better. Besides the fact that our bikes all measure your power output, which allows you to dial in your workout and get the maximum training benefit...are bikes are also infinitely adjustable. You can adjust the saddle down to the millimeter, allowing you to match the bike fit of a real bike. The typical gym bikes have an inch or more between the seat height settings, so you can seldom get your seat in the optimal position. Better position means a better workout.

The workout.... was more like an aerobics class on bikes than an actual training ride. She had us doing all sorts of silly up and down stuff that you would never do on a real bike, standing pedaling and ridiculous pedal RPM, and all sorts of silliness. We do indoor cycling classes rather than spinning classes. Our workouts are similar to a workout I would give to a competitive athlete, and we don't do anything you wouldn't do on a real bike. These workouts are designed for maximum training benefit and calorie expenditure.

After the workout, I was thinking about all of it... the hot room, the equipment, the instructor, and I asked a friend of mine " Is that what people want, or is it just a case of that's all there is?"

I truly believe that, until now, it has just been a case of that's all there is. And that I am truly offering something new and better here in San Diego. If you've been going to Spinning classes somewhere else, you've gotta try us out. You'll get a great workout, burn tons of calories, and I can just about promise you you'll want to come back for more.