San Diego Velodrome

99 lap pursuit

Check it out, a Pomona College student built a tiny velodrome in the library as part of a senior project.    His velodrome is only 132 feet in circumference, so that would be a little over 99 laps to do a 4K pursuit... the same as 12 laps at a 333.33 meter track like San Diego, or 16 laps at a 250 meter track like LA.  I bet  standing starts on that thing are next to impossible, and  you would probably be ill advised to put more than  say riders at  a time, but it still looks like fun! -Sean

San Diego Velodrome Class Chariot Race

Here is a cool video, shot by Chris Grout during the adult developmental class, of a chariot race. A chariot race is a race where the riders are held at the start, and then all do one lap from a standing start. This is a great race for beginners, because there isn't a whole lot of jockeying for position, it also teaches "finshing skills" such as holding your line out of corner 4, and just keeping your wits about you when you are getting tired. This is also a cool race or drill for more advanced riders. It helps you with your explosiveness and speed, a requirement for just about any kind of racers, but even more for crit racers and track racers. You do 3 or 4 of these in one day, and I promise you you'll be feeling it! -Sean

Opening Night TNR

The first night of Tuesday Night Racing  for 2009 at the San Diego Velodrome  was last night.   It was a nice warm evening and everyone had a great time.  Coached rider Todd Woodlan was looking strong in the C group, and will be surely upgrading after a few nights.  Chris Daggs raced  with the A group and was looking pretty strong himself.     I played race director for the evening,  so no racing for me just yet.  Below is a photod of me motorpacing the A group to get them warmed up. -SeanSean Motorpacing