saddle sure cure

Coach Burke’s Saddle Sore Treatment

Saddle sores are an inevitable part of being a  cyclist.    It doesn’t matter if your position is perfect, your saddle is comfy, or if  are riding bib shorts that cost  as much as a cross county flight.    If you ride for long enough, you’ll eventually get  a saddle sore.     I am luckily enough that I seldom get them, but  when I do, I use the same treatment  every time, and it has never failed me Step 1:  Wash up in the shower   and be sure to use hot water, antimicrobial soap, and god old fashioned scrubbing.

Step 2:  Dry well with a clean towel, and then sit around panstless  in order to let the area air dry for a while.


Step 3:  Put a Band Aid brand Advanced Healing Bandage over the saddle sore and leave it there.

Step 4:  Wait, don’t take off the  bandage, unless it begins to peel off.   In that case, start over again at Step 1.

This method has always worked well for me, and  others claim to have had good luck with it as well.   That being said, I’m not a doctor, so don’t consider this medical advice.    If the sore gets worse after a few days, begins  to exude puss, or develop a fever, I ‘d suggest going to get checked out  by your physician.

I hope you’ll never have to use this advice, but unfortunately you probably will at some point!