Velodrome Annual Membership Meeting This Sunday

The San Diego Veldrome Association Annual General Membership meeting is on Sunday, February27th at approximately 12:30, and I would like to have your support. Last year’s meeting and election was contentious and one, however it had the upside of bringing a record number of members to the meeting, and getting more people than ever involved. As recently as 2007 there were fewer than 40 members in attendance at the meeting, and the SDVA had difficulty finding enough people to even fill the minimum 5 BOD spots as required by our bylaws. Last year we had so many members in attendance that we ran out of ballots.My hope is that our 2011 meeting is as well attended as the 2010 meeting, that member stay engaged and continue to take part in the elections as well as running the facility. Our organization is primarily run by volunteers, and we can always use more volunteers. I truly believe that if a large number of members come to the meeting and participate in the election, that the nominees who are the most qualified, and who have the organization’s best interest at heart will be the ones elected. It is only when the members do not come out to vote in the election, that there is a high risk of a small group potentially “ taking over” the board of directors. I will be seeking re-election in 2011, and I would like your support. It is no secret that I make a portion of my income at the veldrome, and my programs make money for the SDVA as well. Since 2006, my programs have also raised tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for the SDVA . I have also put in hundreds of volunteer hours over the last several years. I handle many day to day operations such as checking the postal mail, checking and responding to emails and voicemails left for the SDVA ( which takes more time than you would think) changing the lock combination at appropriate intervals, and generally handling issues as they arise. I manage the SDVA memberships via, handle email communications to members, and help keep up the velodrome calendar. In the past I have managed small and large repair projects, and recently spent dozens of hours building the new SDVA website. The website contains a new feature that includes recent BOD motions and the vote count on these motions, as well as board meeting minutes and other relevant information. This last part is an area where I feel the SDVA needs improvement. My intention is to help keep the organization as transparent as possible by posting this information on the website where the members can access it.

These elections are important, and I hope that I have your support. Even more, I hope that you come to the elections and make your own decisions about who you would like to manage the SDVA. Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns.