Team UCSD Wins

This past weekend the collegiate team I coach (UCSD) won there first race. It was a 2 day race weekend. The first day was a criterium and the mens D racers were very aggressive, making many attacks and finishing in the top ten. Annabelle racing in the women's Ds took 4th.

The following day was Road Race on a technical course. The Mens Ds started out aggressive again attacking and counter attacking the field till Josh Rudiger and Useff Azzasi from (UCSD) got off the front. Within a lap Josh had a minute on the field with help from Useff who then drifted back to the field. By the beginning of lap 3 Josh had 4 minutes on the field.

Thats when the rest of UCSD went into action they destroyed the field in the crosswind doing an echelon. 6 man chase behind the solo rider 5 of them being UCSD. Josh hung on to win and UCSD also took 2nd, 4th(Useff), 5th, 6th and 7th.

I lead race tactic clinics for the mens and women's Ds in the off season and all their hard work and willingness to listen is paying off.


Till next time Cheers, Coach Jesse