Velodrome Resurfacing Update

3/27  Velodrome Resurfacing update. We are now at the end of March, and we expected to be done by now.   So what's the scoop? So here is what I know, or think I know about the current state of the track surface. I'm not an SDVA board member, and I'm not managing the project for the SDVA.  So you can consider all of this hearsay, conjecture, and  educated guessing.

In January, I wrote a post about what was going on with the track resurfacing.      If you haven't read that, it's a great place to start.  It explains the problems with the first contractor,  and suggested that the track would be open by mid-March.   Of course we are in the last few days of March, and the track still isn't open.

There are a few things that caused additional delays. If you live here in San Diego, you know that we've had record rains  in the last couple of months.   The rain prevent work from being done on the actually rainy days.  But also left the infield soil so wet, that the heavy equipment required for the job simply couldn't operate.  On top of that,  the possibility of legal  conflict with the original contractor meant that a representative from the city and/or parks department asked the SDVA to cease work for a short time while city of SD representatives examined the situation.     Once the go-ahead was given from the city/parks department and the infield was sufficiently dry, the crews at Hazard construction returned to work.

I've stopped by a few times and watched the crews at work measuring and  leveling the surface.   I believe that t the next step is to put a smooth layer of asphalt on  top of the existing level surface, and that is starting this week.  That is really  the difficult part.    After the smooth surface is laid out, it's just a matter of measuring and painting the lines, and the re-installing the fence at the top.   These things take a little time, but aren't inherently complex and should go off without a hitch.   I'm hoping that the track will be rideable  in the first half of May, so keep your fingers crossed on that.   In the meantime   the Spring Veloswap is scheduled for April 23, and even if the track isn't ready to ride,  theVeloSwap is a go!