Why it costs $11,000 to put on and industrial park criterium

Last year I wrote about how it costs, $10,000 to put on a relatively small, simple, industrial park criterium.    Well, guess what?  Expenses seem to go up every year.  I have no qalms about sharing these expenses.  In fact I thinks its important that racers know how much it costs.    The fact is, that the costs to put on this race has gone up by ~40% since I have been invloved.   By far the biggest expenses are insurance, USCF officials, traffic control, and prize money.Through 2011 we have been able to leave the entry fees the same, however next year they will likely go up.

kinkos 125.95
Toilets 356.13
Ralph Elliot 800
Cones and Barricades 489.38
ambulance 1260
trash bins 68
supplies to make no parking signs 42
awards 50
Sodas, water, ice, etc 40
USAC Insurance 1963
USAC Officials 1845.04
City fees 91
USAC Permit 50
Traffic Control 1320
city permit 150
Food For officials and Volunteers 100
Race Numbers 260
prize money 2050
coffee 30