Why it costs almost $14K to put on an Industrial Park Criterium

In 2010, I wrote about  how  it costs, $10,000 to put on a relatively small, simple, industrial park criterium.  In 2011, I wrote about  why it costs $11,000  to put on an  industrial park criterium and  now  I am  writing about how it costs $13,500 to put on an  industrial park criterium.      When this  race first started, costs were around $8K, so that is a  70%  increase in expenses over 9 years.   That is why we  unfortunately had to raise entry fees by a few bucks this year.  It is also why  we are limited to categories that can fill.   I am risking a significant amount of  money, and  if the weather  s great, I should make it all back, and have a  little bit to put back in my pocket for all the time expense and risk, as well as put some into the coffers of the SDSU cycling team.   If I am unlucky and  it rains all day ( as in 2008), I could lose several thousands dollars and have the privilege of standing outside in the rain all day.     I really want to thanks all the racers that came out and supported the event, everyone that worked and volunteered at the event.    Head official Greg Aden is an easy guy to work with  and his crew did a great job.   I would  especially like to thank Spy for steeping forward as title sponsor for the event.  

Wanna know the cost breakdown?   Here it is highest expense first,  some  are rounded to the nearest hundred, and a few are estimated as the final invoices have not come in.

Prize money: $2500

USAC Insurance: $1924

USAC Officials: $1830

Traffic Control required by City of SD:  $1800

Ambulance Required by City of SD: $1650

Announcer Ralph Elliot  $800 and worth every penny

Toilets:  $525

Safety Equip: $500

Race numbers and supplies: $300

USAC Permit Fee $225

Other supplies: $200

Food  for officials and race crew $160

Kinkos: $130

City Permit Fee $100


See the 2010 posts for why some of the expenses are so high, and why it is difficult to reduce them.  The costs that have gone up the most  in recent years: Traffic control has gone up by $1500, and USAC  insurance has tripled in cost over the  last 10 years or so ( a product of an increasingly litigious society?).

Those are the expenses that have gone up the most.   The others have all slowly creeped up and brought us from the $8K mark, to near $14K.