The BLG and AAB $100 prizes for lapping the field

Starting April 16th, we’ll be adding a unique prize for the Aces at TNR, the Bonnici Law Group Prize for the first solo rider to lap the field in an scratch race, and the Adams Avenue Bikes prize presented by Stephen Roehrs for lapping the field in a points race. Now it’s not as simple as lapping the field. You have to lap the field solo to claim the full prize.


$100 to the first Ace rider to solo lap the field in 2019

At the time the lapping occurs, the group that is being lapped must be at least 10 Ace riders. Mixed fields or B riders temporarily racing with the Aces will not count towards the 10.

The rider must lap the field solo, with no other riders lapping field within 3 laps afterward.

If another rider or riders laps the field later in the race ( not within 3 laps), the prize for the first rider to lap the field is $50. $50 shall be pushed forward to the 2nd rider to solo lap the field in 2019.

A rider shall be considered to have lapped the main group upon reaching a position to take shelter behind the main group.

This prize is a one time prize, for the first rider to solo lap the field. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.