TNR Master Schedule for June

April and the first part of May have gone relatively well,  with a few lessons learned.   For the rest of  the season, we'll generally stick with  this schedule, but as always it will be subject to change.   

  • The first Tuesday of each month  will have racing for A, B, and C Categories

  • The second Tuesday of each month will have racing for A, B, and pre-approved sprinters

  • The third Tuesday of each month will have racing for acing for A, B, and a women’s category

  • The fourth Tuesday will have for A and B 5 lap Scratch Qualifiers and Final + Madison

  • When there is a 5th Tuesday it will have Junior racing.

I'll be traveling for a week in June, and will have a competent fill in for promoter and announcer duties that week.   But I really do prefer to be there for  madison and sprint nights.   So we'll have a small change next month.

  • June 5th will be A, B, and C categories
  • June 12th will be A, B, and Women
  • June 19th will be A, B, and Sprinter
  • June 26th  will be A and B 5 lap scratches and Madison

Then in July, we'll likely go back to sprinters on the second Tuesday and Women on the third.  I'll release the full schedules soon., and you can find the full schedules for the month of May here.